October – The Month of Horror

This I think was always  going to be my favourite challenge, a genre I had never really grown tired of since I was a kid. Though over the years it had been pushed to the back and I only really got my horror fix at Frightfest. This month I was going to make up for that!

13 films was the challenge, but having completed all my personal challenges I felt 13 wasn’t going to do me or this genre justice. I planned 50, I wanted to see a 100, to achieve tDracula - Prince of Darknesshat I would need some time off work.

I had no real theme to the month, I wanted to be as diverse as I could, so I used TV as much as possible; considering it was Halloween month I thought there might have been more on. I did plan some themed days, Vampires, The Elm Street collection and psycho hillbillies; if I could I also tried to complete series of films, The Lost Boys, Wrong Turn and the Omen trilogy. I continued to watch Argento’s films but still struggle to appreciate his work. I also watched some terrible films; low budget horror can sometimes be unbearable.

Halloween was always planned from day one, The Cabin in the woods and Trick R Treat my final 2 films, though on the day I added the new Evil Dead all on glorious Blu Ray.

The Cabin In The Woods

I mean how cool does the Cabin look, actually watching Evil Dead followed by Cabin was great fun, I really do like the new Evil Dead film, it has grown on me the more I’ve watched it. Cabin in the woods is one of my favourites and then followed by the wonderful Trick R Treat – my final night was just superb entertainment, not sure how to follow this next Halloween.

But before Halloween I had 30 days to fill with horror, and that’s what I did. Opening on the 1st with Bad Biology the first 13 days of the month were a onslaught of films. I completed the actual 13 films in 2 days. Martyrs, Hatchet 1 and 2, The Woman, Rabies, Grabbers and ending on Little Deaths; challenge complete!

Never Sleep AgainAmerican Mary, Drag me to Hell, Sinister, The Innkeepers, Possession; starring Sam Neill and Strange Circus, with a mix of re-watches and first watches I didn’t stop. The first Sunday of the month was my Elm Street marathon, 7 films plus the Never Sleep Again documentary, which alone is 4 hours long; that was a long day!

Of course I continued to see cinema releases as well, a week into my challenge and I went psycho hillbillies; The Wrong Turn Collection; 5 films while 1 and 2 were great, the rest were quite poor. Though ever now and then there were some sparks of decent horror.

The original Texas Chainsaw followed these, a film I wasn’t a big fan off. Yet this time, I saw a lot more in it, I really quite liked it! And the sequel was just mental, different tangent, going for comedy and an off the wall performance from Dennis Hooper.

The next day was vampires starting with Christoper Lee in Dracula: Prince of Darkness and ending with Neil Jordan’s Byzantium, with Stake Land, Day Breakers and Countess Dracula among the rest; great day!

And this was how the month continued, with nights of Trilogies; The Lost Boys, The Omen and Ginger Snaps. Classics like Interview with the Vampire, Christine and Creepshow. Films I’d never seen Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2, The Masque of the Red Death and Demons 1 and 2.

There was some I didn’t like as well, Zombie Women of Satan, Phenomena, Demons 2, Queen of the Damned and Blood runs cold.

On the final weekend of the month I went to my first Frightfest allnighter, another 5 horror films! Check out my feature for the You’ve Got Red On You website here.

Here is my list of 112 horror films on letterboxd.

Here is Martin’s challenge list.

Here is Steve’s challenge list.

In all it was a superb month of horror films; can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Trick R Treat


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